Act like a Leader

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“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” ― Albert Einstein

Success is All in the Mind

Relationship skills – communicating, collaborating, managing, and leading – are vital to successful organizations. The problem with conventional approaches to building these skills is that they rely on cognitive intensive methods, which contribute to overload, stress, and disengagement. These methods target the part of the brain that governs conscious thought. . .

Logical side of the brain

. . .and require becoming conscious of subconscious processes, a slow and tiring effort entailing repetition and remembering. We mistakenly believe that we need to be conscious of the change in order for the change to happen. Yet, some of our greatest breakthroughs have occurred unconsciously.

Smarter with Neuroscience

Neuroscience tells us that our behavior is not a conscious decision; rather, it's driven by habits and impulses. That's why our methods target subconscious brain patterns and change subconscious processes where they reside, simply and intuitively, in the subconscious mind.

Intuitive side of the brain

Our Act Like a Leader cards use character studies to improve communications, team working, and leadership skills. By acting out a card, like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, or Jack Welch, people engage in “What would this person do?” scenarios and break out of their normal modes of thinking, relating, and conversing.

The cards are effective because they expose and alter the values that underlie behaviors and identity. Adopting a new persona makes it easy to let go of strongly held beliefs and momentarily adopt new ones, automatically building emotional intelligence.



Because this method separates message from messenger, it allows uncomfortable conversations to occur in a detached and easy manner. As a result, people can speak freely without fear of being hurt or hurting others.

Team Building

Teams can use the profiles in all stages of team development – to assess the personality types and working styles on the team, ascertain the team's blind spots, and brainstorm more creatively. This simple method can replace multiple instruments and requires little to no training.


Individuals simply choose which character exhibits the behavior they want to learn and then they imitate it. Coaching and feedback become easier because they focus on mastery of the character rather than personal strengths and weaknesses. Plus, people practice the skill in their current work environment, not a classroom.


Many people think they lack creativity because they are stuck in the same thought patterns. Adopting a new persona and imagining their situation is a fun and easy way to break tired patterns and interact in new and innovative ways.

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