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Use intelligence and charm to craft helpful alliances.


Ancient Egypt’s last ruler.  Restored a weakened and fractured Egypt.  Attempted to navigate the country’s future through alliances with warring factions in Rome. 


  • Extend power and influence
  • Gain power by granting favors
  • Build a network of allies
  • Leave a legacy

Governing Principle:

Be judged favorably by history.


  • Which lessons from history are applicable today?
  • What legacy do you want to leave and how do you do that?
  • What are the interests and goals of those around me and how can you align mine with theirs?
  • How can you build the support needed for this decision or action? 
  • How will history judge this?
  • Do you really understand how this works?


Curious, charming, intellectual, political, cunning, confident, circumspect, flexible, calculating, worldly


Develop rapport – Inquire after personal lives and interests. Listen with rapt attention and use compliments liberally.   Be generous with your time.  

Build coalitions – Align your interests to work for mutually beneficial goals.  Be attentive to others’ needs in order to satisfy your needs.  Gather others’ expectations and opinions.  Build support for your positions and ensure that no enemies are festering.  

Manage wisely – Attend to administration and good government.  Ensure everything functions well and is ordered and stable.  View your organization and subordinates as an extension of you.  

Develop legacy – Show preference for lasting long-term benefits rather than short-term ones.  Anticipate the consequences of contemplated actions and how they will be viewed in the future.  

Be worldly – Know your subject matter well and consider how history, politics, and current events will affect your decisions.  Consider how other cultures would perceive and react to your work.   

Be flexible - Readily learn and adopt others’ practices to garner support. Adjust your expectations to changing situations.

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