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Coaching and Developing Others

Involves a genuine intent to foster the long-term learning or development of others with an appropriate level of needs analysis and other thought or effort. Its focus is on providing coaching and other developmental guidance rather than on formal training.


  • Oprah Winfrey - Develops others using an apprenticeship model
  • John Wooden - Develops others by instilling good habits and providing opportunities to practice
  • Jack Welch - Develops others with candid feedback and stretch goals

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is responsible for the careers of Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Oz.  These talk show hosts all started as guests on Oprah's show. When Oprah recognized their talents, they became recurrent guests and under her tutelage eventually went on to host their own shows as part of the Harpo Productions.  Oprah develops others by taking on apprentices and providing feedback until they are ready to strike out on their own. 

John Wooden

John Wooden is considered by many to be college basketball’s greatest coach.  His teaching methods relied on aphorisms and repetition to build good habits.  He also studied his players, often designing practices to place his players into situations that would expose their strengths and weaknesses.  These situations allowed Wooden to give timely and necessary feedback to his players.  He was always direct, focusing on the right way of doing things rather than showering praise or criticism.  In contrast to other coaches:  1) he drove his players towards self-improvement and to do their best at all times including practice rather than worrying about the competition; 2) he believed that competitive success was due to focus and intensity rather than long working hours.

Jack Welch

GE is known for grooming their future CEOs and those that don't get it, often become CEOs elsewhere.  Jack Welch's style of people development is to provide lots of candid feedback.  He is also a champion of using stretch goals to  challenge his team.  His management style is very structured, disciplined, formalized, and goal-oriented. People development is the top priority for management.  Jack Welch develops others by building development, in the form of feedback and opportunities, into the daily routine of managers.