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Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein


Think great thoughts by bucking convention and being open to opportunities.


Father of Modern physics. Used thought experiments to examine theories by their consequences. Humanitarian, NAACP member. Valued humility and the freedom to say what you thought without social barriers.


  • Understand how the world works
  • Be free to think
  • Exchange knowledge with peers
  • Find the simplest answer

Governing Principle:

Improve the human condition through knowledge and understanding.


  • Do you really understand how this works?
  • What are your assumptions and are they true?
  • How can this be simplified?
  • What picture or analogy can you use to represent this?
  • What is the worth of this task or action?  
  • How will it make the world better?


Curious, absent-minded, aloof, intellectual, absorbed in thought, philosophical, rational, confident, humble, unconventional, easy-going, flexible


Be extremely humble – Listen carefully to others before offering your own opinion.  Understate your own contribution.

 Thoroughly examine problems – Use data, analogies, pictures, and thought experiments to analyze problems.  Make sure each topic is thoroughly considered and resolved to your satisfaction.   

Insist on understanding (why and how everything works) – Get at root assumptions by asking many questions, especially asking “Why?” five times in a row.  Uncover the underlying beliefs, e.g. is the world benevolent or hostile?  

Simplify whenever possible – Always look for the simplest, most streamlined solution or method.  

Trust your own opinions – Be extremely internally guided with a strong sense of moral conviction.  Stick to your convictions until the evidence tells you otherwise.  

Challenge conventional wisdom – Look for unusual methods to accomplish goals and be a non-conformist whenever possible. Challenge everyone else to do the same.    

Never say no – Be open to all opportunities and never refuse to help someone else.

For more information on how to behave like Einstein, see the full profile.