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Oprah Winfrey


Use empathy and self-revelation to create rapport and inspire others to be their better selves.


Media mogul, philanthropist, talk show host. Shares her own life of overcoming poverty and hardship to help others find that narrative and to be inspired by it.


  • Attain personal fulfillment
  • Spread compassion and understanding
  • Help others lead a better life.

Governing Principle:

We can overcome life’s setbacks.


  • What are the underlying feelings and emotions that might be driving behaviors?
  • How can you and your group resolve conflicts and develop more understanding?
  • Will this help people learn and discover?
  • How does this make the world a better place?
  • How can you nurture the talent in your team?


Empathetic, emotional, spiritual, confessional, ambitious, nurturing, collaborative, passionate, self-revelatory, compassionate  


Master rapport-building techniques – Be cognizant of the body language, speech patterns, and types of words used by others and try to match them.  Perfect your listening skills.  

Build empathy – When listening or conversing with others, put yourself in their shoes as you both listen and speak. Imagine what they are feeling and what you think they need to hear before you speak.  

Be self-revealing – Lead a conversation by talking about your feelings, insecurities, hopes and wishes.  Use “I feel” statements to open up dialogue, like “I feel like you don’t agree with this.  What do you really think?”  

Ask the hard questions – Do what it takes to get at internal beliefs and conflicts that are holding people back.  Surface conflicts so that they can be addressed.  

Find the greater context for your work to inspire others – Refer to how your work contributes to the company as a whole and to the value you are creating for others.  

Be nurturing – Help develop others with care and concern.  Take on apprentices to learn your job and coach them to achieve independence.  

For more information on how to behave like Oprah, see the full profile.