Feet in shackles

Why do we torture ourselves?

A new year often is the start of a new beginning.  It is time to begin anew, to turn a new page, freshly scrubbed of guilt from foibles past.  Just not when it comes performance reviews.  Here the ghost of the year past comes to inhabit the present and haunt the future, becoming the unwelcomed guest that refuses to leave.  (This statement will be elaborated on in future blogs.)  As this is the time of year that performance reviews are completed, how many of us have muttered in disgust “what’s the point?” and “there’s got to be a better way”?  And, how many of us have also wondered:
  • Are reviews fair?
  • Do reviews elicit their intended response?
  • Do reviews result in an acceptance or a denial of responsibility from both manager and employee perspectives?
  • Do reviews result in a stronger working relationship between manager and employee?
  • Do reviews actually improve performance?
  • Are they a good use of time especially for those of us who have to spend up to two to four weeks on them?
We clearly have an opinion on the efficacy of traditional performance reviews, but one that is open to modification.  As such, we would like to hear from you.  What are your thoughts?
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