Act Like a Leader Cards

Act Like a Leader Cards

Our simple and intuitive game that uses personas to communicate candidly. Taking on another personality temporarily allows you to speak freely without fear of being hurt or hurting others.

24 4x6 persona cards. See the sample for a list of personalities and instructions on how to use.

Profiles of Jack Welch, Martha Stewart, Steve Jobs, and Oprah Winfrey

Leadership Profiles

Learn leadership the fun and easy way - by role playing a famous leader. Our profiles of successful leaders detail the values, thinking, and behaviors of a diverse set of leaders. To learn new skills, all you have to do is follow the activities and behaviors described in the profile any time you want.

Available in PDF form.

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Book cover of I'm Sorry I Broke Your Company

I'm Sorry I Broke Your Company

Named by the Toronto Globe and Mail as one of the best business books of 2013. Also, topped the best sellers list in Japan for four months running. Check out Karen Phelan's humorous dissection of a range of consulting treatments for unhealthy companies that shows why they’re essentially fad diets: superficial would-be fixes that don’t result in lasting improvements and can cause serious damage.

Book cover of Who Moved My Holy Hand Grenade

Who Moved My Holy Hand Grenade?

A comedic journey that covers everything you need to know about business from management fundamentals, like competitive strategy, to real-life skills, like how to suck up properly. It’s chock full of phony models, cartoons, and fake vocabulary but also great advice. Funny and sarcastic, yet pragmatic and intelligent, this book is for people who want to succeed in business without losing their sanity or their sense of humor.

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